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Missions Abroad - Guatemala Elderly Care Program

Elderly Guatemalan Woman

There is no social safety net in Guatemala and the elderly often have to rely on the help of neighbors or relatives.  However, neighbors and relatives often have only enough food for their immediate families.



The Elderly Community program provides life-changing support to elderly women and men living in poverty.  Pre-Covid the community center provided a place to gather daily to socialize, eat a hot, nutritious meal (for many it was their only source of food) and have a sense of well being, connectedness and hope in their community.
During COVID the Community Center is closed but Fundamaya is distributing much needed emergency food bags to the elderly.
In May of 2020, the Tillamook Rotary club raised funds for this cause and donated over $400 in proceeds to the Elder Care Food program.





Lots of Stairs

We all worked really hard all day long, but the day finally ended and time to relax.

How Many Rotarians Does it Take to Build a Stove?

You do the counting!

Another Day at Work

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